When passing through Listvyanka, you owe it to yourself to spend some time at the Baikal Museum. Your visit will be rewarded with the fruits of decades of diligent scientific research into every aspect of that wonder of the natural world - Lake Baikal.

Operating as an independent scientific centre since 1993, the museum conducts evolutionary research and shares its findings through several fascinating exhibitions. You will discover striking specimens of animal and plant life found in and near the lake, along with the fascinating ways in which they and the surrounding environment affect each other.

Undergo virtual submersion in the submarine exhibit, based on the actual deep-submergence vehicles used by researchers, and discover for yourself the eerie wonders of Baikal’s legendary depths.

Visit endemic fish, crustaceans, and, of course, the two Baikal seals (or nerpas) in the museum’s aquaria. The smallest of local life forms will reveal their secrets with the help of a powerful microscope. Wrap up the tour at the serene arboretum, where you can enjoy the sights and smells of the region’s rare and unique plant species.

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