Take a break from your journeys around Lake Baikal to rejuvenate your body and soul at a banya, or Russian steam bath. You will find that this is much more than a way to get clean. Discover firsthand the intense sensations and healing effects of the traditional Russian bathing rituals.

The magic of the banya happens in the wooden steam room, where extremely hot, wet steam (over 100 degrees Celsius) will make you feel reborn. Sweat out the toxins and all of your excess water, leaving your body renewed and refreshed. Let the attendants or other guests massage you vigorously with a birch switch to help relax your body. Going to a banya has always been a social experience, so don’t be shy about going in the company of others or asking for assistance.

After that, why not take a cold bath in the washing room or a plunge in the lake? The contrast in temperatures will work wonders for your circulatory system and invigorate your mind, as well as fortify your body for the cold local climate. Then relax in the lounge with an aromatic and soothing herbal tea.

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