The same geological forces that gave rise to Lake Baikal also produced a number of remarkable hot springs around its shores. Some of the finest examples lie in the northern reaches of the lake: Cape Kotelnikovsky, Goudzhekit, Dzelinda and Khakusy. Severobaykalsk provides an excellent starting point in your quest for heat.

Those springs offer a dazzling variety of experiences and effects between them. The heat in all their pools reaches extreme levels, but while the temperatures in Khakusy stay at around 45 degrees celsius, Kotelnikovsky blows the others out of the water by going up to 81.

The rich mineral content of their waters can rejuvenate your body and help with a wide range of ailments. But keep their differences in mind. For instance, Goudzhekit’s alkali- and metasilicic acid-infused waters can be drank as well as soaked in, but you should never use Kotelnikovsky’s high-fluoride water internally.

In winter, the high temperature of the hot springs makes them both most appealing and beautiful. Watch as the unfreezing cyan waters framed with contrasting snow radiate a miraculous and inviting warmth, while a light steam rises to meet with the ice fog in the air beyond this oasis of heat.

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