Follow the Great Baikal Trail from Listvyanka to Bolshiye Koty! A fun and scenic hike through the wooded uplands that surround Lake Baikal awaits you. Go up the rocky path made by volunteers from all around the world; breathe in the invigorating taiga air and look out at the clear waters of the sacred lake below.

You may choose between two routes. The first route will take you along the steep cliffs of Baikal’s shore; while the second stretches through a thick, old, coniferous forest. Either way, you will get many chances to feast your eyes upon the rich and varied natural beauty of the region, from the snow-capped mountains to the rocks that jut out of the lake.

Cozy sandy beaches offer plenty of opportunities for a stop. Drink clean, fresh water from Lake Baikal or go for a swim amid its sun-touched waves. Alternatively, if you go in winter, walk on its amazing crystalline ice surface or attempt fishing through a hole. Many say that the lake and its surroundings become even more beautiful when covered by ice and snow.

A quaint prospector settlement awaits you at Bolshiye Koty. Before you head back, be sure to explore its surroundings. Between pleasant pebble beaches and vantage points offering splendid views of the area, you may find many reasons to linger at this quiet village.

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