Buggy Ride

The scenic far corners of Olkhon Island are sure to intrigue you with their unique sights and powerful energy. Getting there, though, might be a problem, given the island’s famously uneven terrain. One smart and fun way around that would be to rent a buggy for your visit in Khuzhir.

Journey towards remote landmarks, like jagged Cape Khoboy in the far north of the island or the lost world of Tashkiney Fold in the south. Natural marvels like the strikingly steep Cape Sagan-Khushun and the “walking trees” at the picturesque sandy beach of Urochische Peschanoye will surely stay with you for a long time.

Get off the beaten track and travel through different biomes, from swamps and beaches to hills and mountains. Along the way, the beauty and variety of Olkhon’s nature will reveal itself to you, with coniferous forests and mountain flowers. And in winter, why not go for an unforgettable ride over the clear ice of Lake Baikal?


Tubing has arrived in Lake Baikal. This increasingly popular form of recreation has provento be a natural fit for the lake and its surroundings during the long local winter. While you may have heard of some popular tubing routes in the mountains surrounding Lake Baikal, Olkhon Island has true overlooked gems of opportunities if you’re a tubing enthusiast.

When snow blankets the island, you can travel down the slopes of its inner mountains in a snow tube, getting both an unforgettable and exhilarating experience and some unique views of its scenic and varied terrain. It is sure to give you a new appreciation for the dramatic landscape of Olkhon.

Alternatively, go ice tubing over the frozen lake itself, marveling at its incredible clarity and the uncanny crystalline ice structures on its surface as you do. Let the mighty winds toss you about like waves through the winter wonderland of Baikal and feel all of your worries fade away.

Skating across Baikal

In winter, when the waters of Lake Baikal freeze over, its surface turns into a giant ice rink. What real ice skater could resist such a golden opportunity? Even if you haven’t done it before, learning with the local trainers would be well worth it for this extraordinary experience alone.

Traverse the lake around Olkhon Island and see the winter wonderland that Baikal has become. While much of the lake is smooth and suitable for skating, marvelous frozen waves and pressure ridges break up the open space. Beneath your skates, the ice remains as clear as ever, with hairline fractures forming intricate patterns to give it a still more outlandish look.

Follow the rocky shores of Olkhon and behold the island in its winter splendour, the ice and snow bringing out its contours more sharply than ever. Move outwards from it, and find yourself amid an alien world of crystalline beauty and slowly shifting ice. Whichever way you go, this unforgettable adventure will stay with you forever.

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