At 728 meters, Chersky Stone towers over the settlement of Listvyanka and offers one of the best panoramic views of Lake Baikal. Take a cable car to the observation platform at the peak, and treat yourself to a visual buffet as you soar past the trees.

The stone owes its name to Ivan Chersky, the Polish political exile turned pioneering explorer of Siberia. He lent his name to many other places near the lake. Locals say he used to rest here and look out at its waters between expeditions.

Incredible beauty will reveal itself to you from this point. The majestic snow-capped Khamar-Daban mountains and the scenic forests of larch and fir will take your breath away. The works of man – Listvyanka and the railroad – will seem like toys in comparison.

Turn around, and be mesmerised by Baikal’s astonishing clear waters, the mighty Angara – the only river that flows out of the lake – and the sacred Shaman Stone, the tip of the underwater mountain at its source. Look out into the distance, where the horizon merges with the waters, and witness one of the most dramatic sunsets you will ever see.

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