A professionally guided sightseeing tour will help you capture the enchantment of Olkhon Island. Set out from the island capital of Khuzhir and sample all that this incredibly varied and beautiful island has to offer.

Scenic paths will take you through the thick coniferous forests to the untamed uplands or sheer cliffs and warm sandy beaches. Along the way, the wilderness will reveal amazing views, majestic, unfrightened animals and vibrant mountain flowers.

Travel to a spectacular and highly charged shamanic place of power, like the nearby Shamanka Rock and Khadaiskaya Mountain or Cape Khoboy at the far north of the holy island. The dunes and the uncanny “walking trees” of Urochische Peschanoye will leave you with a lasting impression, as will the vivid scenery of Tashkiney Fold.

Enjoy the sights of Olkhon and beyond from one of the many vantage points of this high and rocky isle. The sheer cliffs of the shore, blue waters of Lake Baikal, picturesque islands of Maloe More strait and snow-capped mountains on the horizon will come together to form a stunning visual ensemble.

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