The North would not be the same without its sled dogs. Those loyal and tenacious animals have a long and proud history of carrying people and goods across the tundra in their sleds. With the help of the Dog Sledding Centre (also known as Tyuryumin Manor) in Listvyanka, you too can experience the exhilarating Arctic tradition of dogsledding first hand.

A pack of happy, friendly and well-trained Siberian huskies will pull you along to adventure in and around the winter wonderland of Lake Baikal. To travel in a sled across the frozen expanse of the great lake would be an unforgettable experience. Along the way, you will see the steep sea cliffs and islands trapped in ice, as well as uncanny frozen waves and pressure ridges that rise from Baikal’s mirror-like surface.

Alternatively, why not head inland to the picture-perfect village of Bolshiye Koty or along the incredible Circum-Baikal Railway? The dogs will take you through the taiga forest and back, while you can enjoy the winter sun and the scenic landscapes that unfold around you. You will never find a better and more authentic way to explore this wild and beautiful land in winter.

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