The scenic backdrop of a steppe nomad camp at the Golden Horde Ethnopark presents unparalleled photo opportunities. Capture them to take pictures that will last a lifetime with a spectacular background formed by beautifully carved yurts and pavilions. And why not liven up the photo shoot by wearing the distinctive traditional Buryat clothes?

You will find a generous selection of men’s and women’s costumes at the ethnic park, with colours ranging from somber dark blue to vivid red. Round them out with snug and striking furry hats and caps.

What truly makes Buryat outfits stand out is their exquisite ornamentation and detail. Geometric, animal and floral motifs all come together to make each outfit look unique – as well as perform a magical role. Keep an eye out for talismanic symbols like a cross within a circle, indicating the fire of a family hearth, or arrows that invoke protective sunrays.

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