Discover the richness of Lake Baikal’s biosphere on a peaceful day of fishing at one of its many inviting tributaries. You can find the best fishing spots in all of Lake Baikal around Chivyrkuisky Bay. Fish from several dozen species, some of which do not exist anywhere else, come here to spawn. Together with a ban on large-scale commercial fishing, this resulted in a staggering wealth and variety of fish for recreational fishers.

Perch, pike, Siberian roach – all these fish and many others await you in the warm waters of the bay. A unique and delectable local specialty, a Baikal whitefish known as omul, also frequents these waters. Some of them can go up to 10 kilograms in weight!

The many sandy beaches and cozy coves of the bay provide pleasant surroundings for a leisurely day of fishing from the shore or from a boat. And even in winter, the lake freezing over does not pose an insurmountable obstacle for resourceful anglers. Instead, it presents an excellent opportunity for mastering the local tradition of ice fishing.

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