Ride a majestic horse through the breathtaking forest steppe from the cozy Buryatian village to the astonishing and unique preserved geothermal valley.

For countless generations, people used horses as their main means of land transport around Lake Baikal. Now you too can experience the splendid wilderness of the lake’s surroundings from horseback.

The Centre not only provides calm, friendly and well-trained horses, but also offers instruction to visitors who never rode a horse before. Your inexperience will not prevent you from enjoying those exciting riding tours.

Let the horses take you to their pastures, or ride them as you explore the sights. Then, once you feel ready, set off into the hinterland. Scenic forest trails will take you to the mountains around Baikal, the quaint villages that hug its shores or the pleasant beaches shielded by cliffs. Go further still and find yourself in the primeval steppe, such as the one where your mounts’ distant ancestors once rode.

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