Buryat culture possesses a wealth of artistic knowhow. From dancing to cuisine, this Mongolic people has fully adapted to the unique rhythms of the steppe, which lends their crafts and practices a distinctive touch. You will not find a better place to tap into their experience than the Golden Horde Ethnopark at Ust-Ordynsky.

The park offers workshops classes in a wide range of subjects. Learn to make the delectable buuz and khushuur dumplings or sweet boov pancakes – then have a bite of your own dish. Create and decorate beautiful carved wooden items, including musical instruments for you to master in a different class.

Some of Buryatia’s finest dancers will teach you their complex and fluid moves. Discover the staggering diversity of Buryat folk dances, from several varieties of the cheerful Yookhor ring dance to the riotous Arbagai hunters’ dance.

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