Many endemic species call Lake Baikal home, but none of them get as much love as the Baikal seal. Locally known as nerpas, they will charm you with their diminutive, plump forms and astonish with their agility and intelligence. Some say they may even outsmart dolphins!

Scientists theorise that their distant ancestors swam upriver from the Arctic Ocean in pursuit of prey or perhaps crossed over at a time when Baikal connected to a wider sea. It may interest you to know that these amazing creatures represent the world’s only exclusively freshwater species of seal.

The seal aquarium at Listvyanka offers you a unique opportunity to see those delightful animals up close. Prepare to be amazed at a show where trained seals dance, play games, paint and solve mathematical problems. Marvel as they perform excellent music with trumpets and the sax.

For a fee, the staff will help you immortalise those moments in video or photos on your own devices. You can also take pictures with the stars of the show themselves in a dedicated room.

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