The Chersky Peak crowns Mount Komar, the tallest mountain in the imposing Komarinsky Range of the Khamar-Daban mountains. Like the Chersky Stone at Listvyanka, it bears the name of one of Eastern Siberia’s greatest explorers – and like it, the peak provides unforgettable views.

The way to the top can take several hours, though experienced skyrunners of the sort that use this trail for their competitions can sometimes manage it in an hour and a half. But why rush when you can ascend at your leisure and take in the beauty of nature at your own pace?

An old stone trail will gradually take you up the mountain from Slyudyanka. The Khamar-Daban weather station doubles as a tourist base and offers a chance to rest before resuming your journey.

The next section of the trail remains from the Imperial days, when it formed part of the Tea Road from China to Moscow. Think back to the great caravans laden with tea bricks crossing this wild rocky expanse.

The climb to the peak offers incredible panoramic vistas of the nearby woodlands all the way. However, the best sights await you at the end. Look out at the wild and rugged peaks of Khamar-Daban, the snowy Tunkinsky Alps, the incredible heart-shaped Serdtse Lake and the magnificent valleys and meadows below.

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