A small, quaint Buryatian village will greet you as you arrive on the western shore of the Maloe More strait of Lake Baikal. Its name, Sakhyurta, means “flint” and may refer to nearby mineral deposits used by the natives to start fires in the ancient times.

Today, the settlement operates mostly as a transportation hub, thanks to the Malomorskaya river station that ferries tourists and goods from the mainland to Olkhon Island. Nevertheless, Sakhyurta has its own attractions. It offers wonderful views of the Maloe More and the picturesque rocky shores of Lake Baikal.

If you come here at the right time, you might catch the traveling Baikal Live festival, which features some of the best artists and bands in Eastern Siberia. You will also find it worthwhile to explore the nearest section of the coast, as it contains many cozy and warm coves guarded by impressively steep capes.

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