Ingenious and beautiful, wooden buildings form a key part of Russia’s cultural heritage. Wooden architectural monuments from all over the Baikal region have been brought together at the Taltsy open air museum to safeguard this legacy from the flooding caused by the construction of the Irkutsk Dam.

Visit Taltsy to receive an unparalleled opportunity to explore the wooden architecture of Russian, Evenk, Buryat and Tofalar peoples all in one place. Lay your gaze on a historic watchtower, an active church, ornate Russian houses and distinctive native yurts. Taltsy will immerse you in traditional lifestyles with guided tours of the dwellings’ meticulously reconstructed interiors conducted by staff members in striking folk dress. Displays featuring authentic clothes, furniture and other everyday objects associated with the dwellings make history come alive for you during your visit.

This museum does more than show and tell. In its workshops, you can recreate many of the items you’ve just seen: from pottery, smithery, and dolls, to the distinctive birchbark pipes used by Siberian hunters.

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