Though Lake Baikal’s beaches draw in tourists in the summer, many swear by the lake’s beauty in winter. The lake freezes solid, yet retains its incredible transparency. Bizarre and wonderful crystal-like formations rise above its surface.

One of the best ways to enjoy this otherworldly beauty is from aboard a Hivus hovercraft. The fastest and safest way of traveling over Baikal in winter, the hovercraft will take you from Listvyanka to the sacred island of Olkhon in eight hours.

Marvelous sights await you on the way, from the icy expanse of the lake to the scenic mountains around it. We will stop by at scenic, cliff-ringed Peschanaya Bay for a delectable fish lunch that will reveal to you the flavours of Baikal. The famous Neolithic and Bronze Age cliffside paintings of Sagan-Zaba will remind you of the countless generations that came here before.

But the greatest attraction of Baikal in winter is something that nobody could plan for. Every year, the ice takes a different shape. Behold the pressure ridges that call to mind tectonic plates, the startling frozen waves, ice grottoes, and the play of light upon the ice.

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